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1. (a) Discuss how loudness is measured.
(b) The sound in the school yard is 40 dB. At Carnival time a music truck is measured at 80dB in the same school yard. How many more times is the intensity of the sound from the music truck?

2. Suppose that the sound level of a conversation is initially at an angry 70 dB and then drops to a soothing 50 dB. Assuming that the frequency of the sound is 500 Hz, determine the (a) initial and (b) final sound intensities.

3. A nylon guitar string has a linear density of 7.20 gm-1 and is under a tension of 150 N. The fixed supports are distance, 90.0 cm apart. The string is oscillating in a standing wave pattern. Calculate the (a) speed, (b) wavelength, and (c) frequency of the traveling waves whose superposition gives this standing wave.

4. (a) Find the speed of waves on a violin string of mass 800 mg and length 22.0 cm if the fundamental frequency is 920 Hz. (b) What is the tension in the string? For the fundamental, what is the wavelength of (c) the waves on the string and (d) the sound waves emitted by the string?

5. Two identical cars are driving toward one another and sounding their horns. You're the driver of one of the cars. You measure your car's horn to be sounding at 512 Hz, but you measure the horn of the other car to be sounding at 600. Hz. The speed of sound is 345 ms-1. If you are traveling at 26.8 ms-1, how fast is the other car traveling?

6. A stationary motion detector sends sound waves of frequency 0.150 MHz and speed 343 ms-1 toward a truck approaching at a speed of 45.0 ms-1. What is the frequency of the waves (a) detected by the truck, (b) reflected back to the detector?

7. Discuss the (a) photoelectric effect, (b) the Compton Effect and (c) Pair Production.

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