1.1 Introduction
1.1 Oscillations or Vibrations
1.1 Oscillations or Vibrations some important points
1.1 Wave Quantities
1.1 Wave Properties
1.1 Wave Types
1.1 Speed of Waves
1.1 Simple Harmonic Motion
1.1 Derivation of Period and Frequency for SHM
1.1 Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
1.1 SHM & Simple Pendulum
1.1 Reflection and Transmission
1.1 Summary
Unit 1.1 Multiple Choice Questions - Waves
Unit 1.1 Multiple Choice Answers - Waves


Unit 1.1 Oscillations or Vibrations some Important Points

Difference between a Vibration, Pulse and a Wave


— Object moving back and forth, to and fro, side to side, in and out, or up and down.

— is movement of the object with respect to time (wrt).


— The movement in both space and timeof a single disturbance.


— Continuous movement in both space and time of periodic disturbances.

— A wave extends from one place to another.

Different kinds of waves

— Mechanical like sound, water and string waves that propagate through physical materials. These are caused by disturbances in a material and cannot travel in a vacuum.

— Electromagnetic like light and that propagate throughout space (vacuum) and some materials.

— Electric waves propagate in conductor like a radio antenna or a conducting wire.


Exercise 1,1.3

Briefly describe three types of waves.


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