1.1 Introduction
1.1 Oscillations or Vibrations
1.1 Oscillations or Vibrations some important points
1.1 Wave Quantities
1.1 Wave Properties
1.1 Wave Types
1.1 Speed of Waves
1.1 Simple Harmonic Motion
1.1 Derivation of Period and Frequency for SHM
1.1 Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
1.1 SHM & Simple Pendulum
1.1 Reflection and Transmission
1.1 Summary
Unit 1.1 Multiple Choice Questions - Waves
Unit 1.1 Multiple Choice Answers - Waves


Unit 1.1 Wave Types

Motion in the medium through which a wave passes

Demonstration of Wave Types using a Slinky.


— Move the end of the spring from side to side, or up and down. A wave of side-to-side or up-and-down displacement will travel along the spring.

— the particles of the cord vibrate back and forth in a direction transverse (that is, perpendicular) to the motion of the wave itself.

wave transverse


— Push the end of the spring back and forth, along the direction of the spring itself.

— A wave of back-and-forth displacement will travel along the spring.

— A series of compressions and expansions travel along the spring

wave longitudinal


— Twist the end of the spring quickly clockwise and counterclockwise. A wave of angular displacement will begin to travel along the spring.

wave torsional

Similarities between transverse , longitudinal and torsional waves.

— In all types of waves (transverse waves, longitudinal and torsional) each particle in the medium oscillates over a very small distance, whereas the wave itself can travel long distances.

— Wavelength, frequency, period and wave speed all have the same meaning for all types (transverse waves, longitudinal and torsional) of waves.

wave transverse and longitudinal

An important example of a longitudinal wave is a sound wave in air. A vibrating Guitar string alternately compresses and expands the air in contact with it, producing a longitudinal wave that travels outward in the air.

sound wave

Exercise 1.1.6:

Briefly compare and contrast transverse and longitudinal waves.


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