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Types of Images

Virtual Images...
When light rays enter your eyes an image is produced on the retina. The perception of where the object seems to originate depends on the interpretation by the brain as it processes this image. The brain extrapolates the origin of the light rays as if they came in straight lines as they entered the eyes. We have seen how refraction and reflection fools the brain into projecting their origin in different places from the objects that produced them. No light actually passes through these images, which are called virtual images and they only actually exist in the brain. Virtual images are produced by refraction to produce mirages or apparent depth and images produced by plane mirrors, some lenses and some curved mirrors.

virtual image 3_intro
Virtual Image after Refraction
Virtual Image after Reflection

virtual image
Virtual Image produced by a Lens
Mirage produced by layers of air at different temperatures

Real Images...
If an image is capable of being projected on a screen, light actually passes through the image. Some examples are the images on a movie screen, the image on a screen from a pinhole, some lens or some curved mirrors.

pinhole real image
Real Image in a Pinhole Camera
Real Image produced by a Lens

Describe fully how the mirage mentioned above is formed.
Is a photograph an object or an image? Is a picture on a television an image?
If so, what kind of image does a television produce?


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