SCIE 4001
3.5 Simple Machines
3.5 Levers
3.5 Wheel & Axle
3.5 Inclined Plane
3.5 Pulley
3.5 Screw
3.5 Wedge


3.5 Inclined Plane

The inclined plane is any flat, sloping surface.surface raised at an angle.

— It is a way of lifting a load that would be too heavy to lift straight up by using a ramp.
— The steeper the ramp, the more effort is required.
— Staircases are a special case of inclined planes.
When building roads or pathways the steepness has to be considered.
— Although the distance covered in a slight slope is longer than that of a steep slope, the effort required for the steep slope is much more.

The barel was developed so that it could be rolled up an inclined plane to be loadedon ships, trucks, etc.



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