SCIE 4001
3.5 Simple Machines
3.5 Levers
3.5 Wheel & Axle
3.5 Inclined Plane
3.5 Pulley
3.5 Screw
3.5 Wedge


3.5 Screw

A screw is a shaft that has a in inclined groove along its surface.

— When the screw is rotated, the force is applied perpendicular to the groove.
— A small rotational force is translated into a large linear one.
— Screws are frequently used to fasten objects together.
— The screw can elevate water from a low-lying body to a higher one (known as Archimedes' screw).
— The force is perpendicular to the inclined surfaces, so it pushes two objects (or portions of a single object) apart or pulls them together depending on the way it is turned.

The large force is generated at the red surfaces.
wheel and axle
Common screw jack use in many vehicles.
G-clamp uses the screw.
london eye
Screw press.
Propellors on helicopters, airplanes, boats and even fans are examples of the screw.



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