SCIE 4001
3.5 Simple Machines
3.5 Levers
3.5 Wheel & Axle
3.5 Inclined Plane
3.5 Pulley
3.5 Screw
3.5 Wedge


3.5 Wheel & Axle

A circular device to which is attached a rigid axle at its centre can be used as a force or distance multiplier.

— When a rope is attached to the axle, the force is aplied to the wheel and as the wheel is rotated the rope winds around the axle with a force much greater than that used to rotate the wheel.
— When the axle is rotated the wheel moves a much greater distance than the axle.

wheel and axle
Examples of wheel and axle are the strreing wheel of the car, wheels of the vehicles, rooling pin, door knobs.
When the steering wheel is turned the attached axle also turns with much larger force.
london eye
The famous London Eye is driven by an axle.
When the horses pull, the wheels and axles turn. and while these look like the wheel and axle, they do not operate as wheel and axle as neither the axle drives the wheel nor vice versa.
When the tap is turned the attached axle turns with much greater force. There is another simple machine her - the screw, which causes the tap to move and open or close the water supply.
doorr knob
The doorknob turns an axle which pulls the bolt to unlock the door.
pencil sharpner
In the pencil sharpner the wheel is modified to be a lever.
The bicycle may have several whheel and axle modifications like the pedal anf gears.



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